German Medical Consult.®
German Medical Consult provides trust 
German Medical Consults major task is the referral of patients from all over the world to specified German public and 
private health services – Centres of Excellence, in order to provide the best medical treatment in Germany.
  • Our cooperation partners are famous, world reknown medical facilities, medical centres and hospitals in Germany. You are treated 
              exclusively by highly, german board qualified, medical staff, with long-standing occupational experience and reknown specialists.
  •  In most of our medical centres the majority of staff members, nurses and doctors alike, do not only speak German and 
             English but also Russian, Greek, Turkish, and other foreign languages. 
  •  Patients can turn to us in emergencies (air ambulance) as well as with other chronic illnesses. 
  •  Medical treatment in Germany is done in accordance to the guidelines of German professional authorities and international 
  •  The cost for the medical consultations is calculated by the German DRG-system.  
  •  Special, private treatment can be attained according to an agreed treatment catalogue for private patients.
  •  If needed we will of course also take care of your visa, your transport and the accommodation of you and your relatives.
  •  Please send us your documents. They will first be reviewed by our own doctors and then they will be passed to our partners. 
  •  Then we can inform you without any obligation on your side, how, where and when we can treat you and what your treatment 
             approximately cost.